Time Tracking &

For Staffing Agencies

Easily track hours and get approval

As you sign more clients and place more employees, keeping track of their hours gets more and more laborsome. Thankfully, we’ve created an easy-to-use time tracking feature in our all-in-one staffing agency management software. Whether your employees are paid hourly or salary, and no matter what types of deductions or adjustments need to be made to their pay, everything is easy to track and completely visible to you, the employee, and even your client if you would like.

Easy to track and completely visible

You can easily gain approval from your clients through our sign-off function as well, ensuring everyone is satisfied throughout every stage. Enjoy the benefits of easy time-tracking and stay focused on signing clients and finding great people.

Sign off function… easy time-tracking

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We also do Payroll Funding

Want to stay cash flow positive through the gap between paying your employees and getting paid by your clients?
We can help you with that.