Applicant Tracking
System (ATS)

For Staffing Agencies

Keep track of top talent through every stage of the hiring process

Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) serves as the backbone for your recruitment agency. It helps you organize the job postings, resumes, interviews, emails, offers, and other interactions you have with the great people you’re attracting to fulfill the needs of your clients. You need an applicant tracking system that not only keeps all your applicant data organized and easy-to-use, you also want a solution that integrates seamlessly with the other software you use to run your business

Track and organize all your applicant data

The benefit of our ATS compared to other softwares in the marketplace is that it was specifically developed to meet your needs as a staffing agency. Instead of adapting software designed for the needs of an internal recruitment team, our solution was created to help you find staff on their behalf, and integrates seamlessly with all other areas of your staffing agency.

Specifically developed to meet your needs as a staffing agency

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