Payroll Processing

For Staffing Agencies

Outsource your payroll processing to a highly experienced team and stay focused on growing your agency

Enjoy the benefits of having your payments processed by someone who understands your staffing agency. If you’re working with a major payroll processor, their generalist knowledge may not adequately meet your specialist needs. And, if you’re processing your own payments, you may lack the expertise to do payroll compliantly and efficiently without spending a lot of time on it; time you could be spending to get new clients and recruit staff.

Do payroll compliantly and efficiently

Our payroll processing solution is entirely customizable to your job requirements, no matter how your employment contracts are structured, and no matter where in Canada your employees are located. Our flexible schedules align with your pay cycles, and your dedicated Client Services Manager is only a call or email away to ensure all your needs are met.

Anywhere in Canada

Payroll is a trust obligation in Canada. You want to make sure you’re doing it right the first time, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. By partnering with Payroll Funding Canada, we will ensure you get your employees paid accurately, compliantly, and on time without having to process payroll yourself.

Accurately, compliantly, and on time

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We also do Payroll Funding

Want to stay cash flow positive through the gap between paying your employees and getting paid by your clients?
We can help you with that