Employee Records

For Staffing Agencies

Compliant and informative employee records, all in one place

The more your staffing agency grows, the more important it is to have an organized database with employee information all in one place. No matter what happens during their time with you, whether you need to deliver discipline, update their certifications, deliver training, or anything else, you need to keep accurate employee records in order to remain compliant and run your company efficiently.

All employee data in one place

Our all-in-one agency management software creates clean and simple employee records that track every interaction you have with your employees. No more searching for files, wondering if you sent a contract or got a signature, or communicated something important to your employee. Everything you need to know is all in one place.

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We also do Payroll Funding

Want to stay cash flow positive through the gap between paying your employees and getting paid by your clients?
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