Payroll Funding

For Staffing Agencies

Stay cash flow positive so you can keep growing

Find yourself struggling in the gap between paying your employees and getting paid by your clients? Our payroll funding solutions allow you to stay cash flow positive and focused on growth at all times, bringing the excitement back to running your company.

Many staffing agencies find their growth is hindered by limited personal capital or the rigid lending arrangements imposed by bank-like structures. By lending you the funds as you need them, we can help you transform limited growth into unlimited potential.

Whether a lack of funding is preventing your staffing agency from growing, or you are simply avoiding offering contingent labor because of the capital requirements, our payroll funding solutions allow you to meet the needs of more customers and keep expanding your business

Meet the needs of more customers and keep expanding your business

Not only do we provide the funds you require to continue scaling your agency, we also conduct credit underwriting to ensure your client is a worthwhile risk. Between our payroll funding solutions and experience with risk mitigation, we bring simplicity to an oftentimes complex situation.

Risk mitigation

At Payroll Funding Canada, we are 100% focused on the growth and development of staffing firms and the staffing industry. Unlike many other lending partners, we are completely focused on this industry and on providing you with the best solutions for your specific needs. If you choose to work with us, you can take comfort in knowing that you have joined a community of like-minded professionals who are well connected and equipped to help you exceed even your loftiest growth goals.

100% focused on staffing firms

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We also do Payroll Processing

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