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The staffing industry provides agency owners a remarkable opportunity for freedom, wealth, and flexibility. No matter why you took the leap of faith to start your own firm; whether it was because of your stellar performance at a large firm, your fierce desire for independence, your ability to get new clients, or your aptitude for placing talented people, we acknowledge your bravery for entering the world of entrepreneurship.

But, did you know what you were getting yourself into when you decided to open your doors and forge your own path? Running your own business is much more complicated than working at someone else’s firm, and you have to balance the three pillars of the business (sales, fulfillment, & operations) equally if you’re going to continue to thrive and grow.


You may excel at client acquisition, but struggle with the recruitment side. You might have recruitment locked down, but struggle to get clients. In our decades of experience, we notice that newer and smaller firms often struggle with handling the day to day operations and building a solid business foundation for the business to grow upon. If you’re struggling in any of these areas, that’s okay! You’re not alone. In fact, it’s impossible to be good at everything. That’s why we’ve catered our services to fill any and all gaps that might exist in your staffing firm, so that you can continue focusing on what you do best and operate with the confidence that your business can handle continued growth.

Whether you need operational support to help with your back office, expertise and knowledge from people who have seen it all before, more clients, recruitment support, advice about compliance, or the funding to keep growing your agency, Payroll Funding has created a one-stop-shop for everything you need, and we’re always just a click or a phone call away.


Wherever you excel in this exciting industry, and no matter what stage your company is at, we will serve as your trusted partner, bringing our wealth of knowledge and experience to your company. You can outsource any functions of your business that don’t fit within your wheelhouse and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can focus on the work you love doing while your company continues to grow.

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