Enhanced Services

For Staffing Agencies

Additional support and resources you can use to grow your agency

Your staffing agency has a lot of needs outside of what we offer at Payroll Funding. Thankfully, we have a vetted list of vendors and partners that can help you.

Enhanced services are the things we provide through our trusted partners. While we don’t deliver these services ourselves, we have taken the time to establish relationships with people we know you can trust.

Fractional Recruitment Support Through Workforce Capital

If you excel at client acquisition and find yourself with more clients and projects than you can currently handle, we offer fractional recruitment support through our partner company, WorkForceCapital.

Staffing Industry General Liability Insurance

Enjoy the benefits of a group insurance fund created specifically for members of the staffing industry, managed through our partner, PROLINK Insurance.

Share Work Through The Multiple Career Listings Service

Need more recruitment work or have too much to handle? Whether you have extra recruitment bandwidth or need some support, the MCLS is a revenue splitting network where participating members can share work under a common agreement.

Receivable Insurance Through Allianz Trade

Want to mitigate the risk that your clients won’t pay you? Our partnership with Allianz Trade allows us to insure up to 90% of your book of business. Plus, when you have receivable insurance, we are able to offer more in payroll funding. Receivable insurance both reduces your risk and increases your ability to grow!

Websites Made Specifically For Recruitment & Staffing Agencies Through Shazamme

Want an easy-to-build, drag and drop website platform designed specifically for recruiters and staffing agencies? Look no further than our partners at Shazamme!

We also do Payroll Funding

Want to stay cash flow positive through the gap between paying your employees and getting paid by your clients?
We can help you with that.