From start up to scale up, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to operating & growing your staffing agency, whether you’re pre-launch or decades in, we’re there to support you through every stage of your staffing agency’s growth.

Where do you need the most support?

Payroll Funding

Stay cash flow positive through the gap between paying your employees and getting paid by your clients

Payroll Processing

Outsource the task of ensuring your employees get paid accurately and on time

Back Office Support

Taking operational work off your hands so you can focus on acquiring clients and finding talent

Startup Help

Helping you get your staffing agency off the ground and generating profit

Staffing Agency Management Software

An all-in-one software solution that meets your specific needs as you grow your agency

Client Acquisition / CRM

Managing all the conversations, leads, and clients in your ever-expanding database

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Keeping track of talent through every stage of the hiring process

Interview Management & Tracking

Keeping organized records of the many conversations you have with candidates

Compliance Tracking

Ensuring you are up to code throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle

Onboarding Management

Tracking the progress of new recruits as they get ready for work

Communication Portal

Records of communications and agreements between you and your applicants, all in one place

Time Tracking & Approvals

Easily track hours and get approval from the necessary people

Payroll Compliance & Adjustments

Easy-to-use tracking for deductions, contributions, dues, time off, allowances, etc.

Employee Exiting

ROE management while remaining compliant as you exit an employee and beyond

Employee Records Management

Everything you need to know about each employee, all in one place (correction/discipline, certifications, training, contracts, communications, timesheets, paystubs, etc.)

Client Invoicing

Ready-to-use invoicing templates that make it easy for clients to pay you